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Observed By Nichole Rico
Submitted By Nichole Rico
Collection Date August 8, 2021
Observer Arrival Time 10:15 PM
Observer Departure Time 10:45 PM
Vouchers Photo
Observation Notes
Voucher Media
Black Saddlebags Dragonfly (photograph). 8/8/2021 @ approx. 10pm PST. Waterford, California. Right hindwing appears to be torn in the saddlebag area.
Black Saddlebags Dragonfly (video). 8/8/2021 @ approx. 10pm PST. Waterford, California.


Name Waterford
Notes Waterford, CALIFORNIA
Latitude 37.64129 N
Longitude 120.74420 W
Elevation meters


Precipitation Clear
Cloud Cover 0 %
Wind Speed Calm
Wind Direction
Temperature 22 °C

Flight Behavior

Minimum Height 0 m
Maximum Height 1 m
Behavior Description Appears to be wounded. Right hindwing is torn in the saddlebag area. Flight pattern was distressed. Flew into many objects. Was very attracted to the patio light but did not stay near it for very long. Is currently perched and not moving at all.
Proportion Observed All
Flight Type Multiple
Flight Direction
Observed Behaviors other

Observed Taxa


Identification Confidence

Percentage of Flight

Black Saddlebags High N/A

Coincident Taxa

Description of Coincident Taxa While finishing up this report, a smaller striped dragonfly, taxa unconfirmed, flew in and landed on the ground and has not moved.

Point Counts



Individuals Counted



10:15 PM 10:30 PM 1 0.07
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