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Observado por Chris Goforth
Presentado por Chris Goforth
Fecha de recogida 9 de mayo de 2017
Hora de llegada del observador 3:45
Hora de salida del observador 4:00
Evidencias Notas de observación


Nombre Prairie Ridge Pond
Notas Pond is medium sized, man made (installed in 2004), and rather shallow; dammed with an earthen dam on one end; close to a major road, but on a 45 acre wildlife preserve/field station; lots of willows, grasses, and other vegetation along the banks; cattails and duckweed are very abundant in the water.
Latitud 35.81147 N
Longitud 78.71716 W
Elevación 119 metros


Tipo Created wetland/pond
Tipo Medium sized, oval shaped, lots of vegetation on creek banks, including willows, cattails, and some wildflowers


Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)
Abundancia uncommon (1-4)
Sexos: unknown
Etapas: adult
Comportamientos: patrolling
Sesión cerrado
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