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Name Sara Morris
Location Mount Airy, MD, United States
Subject Areas -19.09.14 September 14th 2019 Late afternoon and early evening we had thousands of dragonflies here and most visible darting back and forth through the sky. Migratory birds visit here too. Here also is some recent news of our safety and environmental efforts. I hope that you and yours were spared the early July floods in the DC, MD, and VA area. Our environmental efforts in the Swetcharnik originating waterways here may be of interest. I read that the White House basement and National Archives both flooded, but that our Constitution and other important original documents survived. It is a miracle that I hear that there was no loss of life in these recent area floods. Washingtonians and Commuters are just too cool as the waters rise and they stand on top of their cars chatting on their cell phones down on Canal Road publicized for the whole world to see. Go with God as Hondurans said during our stay on La Tigra Mountain that began with my husband's Fulbright Grant to Honduras. Earlier, together my husband William and I were the American Collaborative Grantees in Sculpture and Research to the Fulbright Program in Spain, Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between the United States and Spain (1988-89, 1987-88). We saw the horrors of erosion after a month of heavy rain ending with Hurricane Mitch in Honduras. Much erosion and contamination began here on our lands while we were away on our Collaborative Fulbright Grants to Spain: someone who was associated with the Fulbright Program in Spain has volunteered that she loves to sail and loves animals if we her Fulbrighters need to embark upon an ark. However, I think that we could still do better than all of that. The time is more than ripe and right to succeed. With warm regards, Sara Morris Swetcharnik CONTACT: telephone: 301.829.0137 - email: - website: Sara Morris Swetcharnik & William Swetcharnik For mail (and open by appointment): Swetcharnik Home, Art Studio & Wildlife Preserve 7044 Woodville Road Mt. Airy, Maryland 21771 (USA)
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