Observation Details

General Observation Information

Observed By Colton Patt
Submitted By Colton Patt
Collection Date August 30, 2018
Observer Arrival Time 7:15 PM
Observer Departure Time 8:00 PM
Vouchers Observation Notes


Name Mystic
Notes Mystic, Ct, 41.3543° N, 71.9665° W
Latitude 41.35430 N
Longitude 71.96650 W
Elevation 14 meters


No weather data provided

Flight Behavior

Minimum Height 10 m
Maximum Height 40 m
Behavior Description The majority of the dragonflies observed were flying directly over my residence, referred in previous information, with the exception of a single one that crash landed (I assume) and failed to take flight again before its swarm disappeared. there appeared to be nothing wrong with is visually, and its wings seemed completely intact, yet it seemed incapable of returning to air, only able to hover a couple of meters, similar to the way a hen glides.
Proportion Observed Some
Flight Type Directed
Flight Direction East by Southeast
Observed Behaviors other

Observed Taxa


Identification Confidence

Percentage of Flight

Skimmers Medium 100 %

Coincident Taxa

No coincident taxa reported

Point Counts

Point counts were not provided
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