Observation Details

General Observation Information

Observed By Tom Reed
Submitted By Tom Reed
Collection Date August 8, 2018
Observer Arrival Time 6:00 AM
Observer Departure Time 9:00 AM
Vouchers Observation Notes


Name South Cape May Meadows (dune)
Notes East path dune crossover at The Nature Conservancy's South Cape May Meadows Preserve
Latitude 38.93309 N
Longitude 74.94142 W
Elevation 5 meters


Precipitation Clear
Cloud Cover 0 %
Wind Speed Light
Wind Direction West by Southwest
Temperature 25 °C

Flight Behavior

Minimum Height 1 m
Maximum Height 30 m
Behavior Description Almost all sustained in direct, sustained flight, low over dunes or beach. Flight slowly grew in intensity throughout observation period.
Proportion Observed Some
Flight Type Directed
Flight Direction East
Observed Behaviors

Observed Taxa


Identification Confidence

Percentage of Flight

Black Saddlebags High 3 %

Coincident Taxa

Description of Coincident Taxa Large majority of this movement consisted of Swamp Darners (entered as simply "Darners" earlier in this process), including 125 between 8am-9am. Also moving westward along dune/beach were 2 Comet Darners and 6 Monarchs.

Point Counts



Individuals Counted



8:00 AM 8:15 AM 28 1.87 All moving west. Species totals included 1 Common Green Darner, 16 Swamp Darners, 9 Spot-winged Gliders, 1 Wandering Glider, 1 Black Saddlebags.
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